Currency exchange office in Warsaw Śródmieście

Contact details

All of you who are interested in currency exchange are kindly encouraged to contact us in our office. It is possible to contact us by e-mail, phone or via the following online form. You are also kindly invited to visit us in our office in the centre of Warsaw, in Grzybowski Square.

We purchase and sell all the major currencies, such as euro, dollar and franc. We guarantee professional, efficient service and competitive exchange rates.

pl. Grzybowski 10 lok 14, 00-104 Warszawa
tel: + 48 606 65 65 85
tel: + 48 602 50 02 70
tel: + 48 22 654 47 71


    We would like to invite all those interested in the transactions of currency purchase and sale – in euro, dollars, francs and others – to become familiar with our exchange rates. Exchange ratespresented on the website are only indicative. In order to obtain current information, please contact us directly in our headquarters, in Warsaw Śródmieście. kantoru w Warszawie Śródmieściu.

    Current wholesale exchange rates in Polish zlotys (from 3000 PLN):

    Purchase Sale
    USD 3.985 4.015
    EUR 4.325 4.35
    GBP 5.02 5.06
    CHF 4.55 4.59
    Update made on: 04.12.2023 16:00
    Our services include the possibility to negotiate the exchange rates individually. We are a cheap currency exchange office – cheap in the positive meaning.