We are pleased to present you the reports prepared by analysts  mBank ,an overview of relevant macroeconomic data from the Polish and abroad concerning, among others the policy of our government , the ECB , FED , etc. .

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We would like to invite all those interested in the transactions of currency purchase and sale – in euro, dollars, francs and others – to become familiar with our exchange rates. Exchange ratespresented on the website are only indicative. In order to obtain current information, please contact us directly in our headquarters, in Warsaw Śródmieście. kantoru w Warszawie Śródmieściu.

Current wholesale exchange rates in Polish zlotys (from 3000 PLN):

Purchase Sale
USD Dollar USA 3.825 3.845
EUR Euro UE 4.545 4.565
GBP Pound UK 5.27 5.31
CHF Frank SWISS 4.145 4.185
Update made on: 19.06.2021 10:39
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